Open Days campaign
– Queen’s University Belfast

The brief was to promote Queen’s Family Open Day 2015 to prospective students from Great Britain, for Queen’s Domestic Recruitment department. I worked collaboratively with colleagues to produce and deliver this integrated campaign.

As a result of the campaign, the event outperformed the 2014 Family Open Day event with +214% guests and +227% leads.

Casting edit

Radio advert 30″

I contributed to the development of the campaign slogan – ‘Start Something Amazing’ – and the associated static creative to be progressed by the graphic design team.

Due to my expertise and ability, I was then tasked with producing web, radio and TV adverts in-house to a broadcast quality, achieving cost efficiencies, which allowed the campaign to invest in a TV, radio and digital brand awareness campaign in NI, ROI and GB for the Family Open Day 2015 – a first for Queen’s.

Eight current students were cast for parts in the tv and radio creative. I directed the video shoot in 3 locations, and managed the team including lighting and sound professionals, cameraman and stills photographer. I also directed the VO recording for the TV advert and produced – alongside the engineers in SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre) – the radio and Spotify adverts.

Open day animated campus map

Open Day photo wall social media content

As well as developing the promotional content for the event, I also devised numerous outputs for the event itself.

A looping presentation was created for the big screen in the Whitla Hall in Queen’s to augment the experience for pupils coming in to register and speak to staff from core services. This presentation included a live social wall generated by hash-tagged content across Instagram and Twitter. It also included an animated campus map to help orient pupils.

I worked with the Social Media Manager to create an ‘Emoji wall’ where pupils posed with their favourite emojis – photos were taken by student ambassadors, and the pupils themselves took photos on their phones to share on social media.

Production of the Open Day tv advert, Titanic Quarter

Campaign image, Titanic Quarter

VO record, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast

Campaign image, McClay library, Queen’s University Belfast